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An experienced coder who's undertaken many past projects and likewise able to plan future projects. The chief roles would be to meet new customers to draft out user requirements, planning how to achieve the project itself, and finally to work with and manage the technical team to ensure projects are running on track.
A person (fresh graduates welcomed) with strong interests in programming or having experience in web and mobile programming. Must possess a deep desire to continuously grow and learn how to make use of the latest technologies and technical knowhow to work on real projects.
Well-versed in the accounting field. Able to singlehandedly (or work with another to) manage the non-technical operations of the company such as handling the company accounts, human resource management, and administrative roles to support the team.
Not a requirement to be well-versed in active programming skills, but a necessity to have technical knowledge and training in the IT field. Must possess a good command of English and be able to work on technical documents and perform application testing (e.g. User manuals, test plans, technical documentation, presentation materials, etc.).
Trained in either graphics or user experience, must be able to use Adobe XD to creatively brainstorm and create high fidelity screens based on the instructions received from clients in order to create prototypes before the programmers begin with the first line of code.
Tasked to have an in-depth knowledge of all systems built by the company. Their roles are to attend to phone calls and emails from clients, while keeping track of arising issues and working alongside programmers to resolve them. Also required to assist on the management of Linux servers.

Company Benefits

Weekend & Public Holidays

We only work from Mondays to Fridays and fully comply with all holidays as stated on the yearly Selangor calendar.

Zero hierachy

Forget power distance. Everyone is treated as equals where we work together to achieve common goals.

Monthly activities

All Enrii-ians are empowered and free to propose monthly activities for the whole team to unwind together.

Casual Dress Code

Here’s our deal – you put on your energetic and positive work ethic hat, we’re happy for you to work dressed in your comfortable T’s and jeans.

Work Life Balance

Besides deployment days and unforeseen emergencies, you can expect the office to be empty by 6.30pm.

Equipment/Software Provided

Regardless whether it’s hardware or software, we provide the necessary tools to ensure maximum work productivity.

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Our Workplace


Working here has been a fulfilling experience where I have gained an array of knowledge. Enrii has given me an opportunity to head in the right direction, the employees have been very welcoming and helpful on my journey as well. Enrii also does not disappoint with the fun company activities organized for their employees.

Cameron Chong Kar Kin

Working at Enrii is a great pleasure for me. I learn to think independently, be creative and to push myself out of my comfort zone while working in a pleasant multicultural environment with very nice colleagues.

Hana Khairuddin
UI/UX Designer

There are so many great things about working at Enrii. I value the working relations I have with the Enrii employees, and the flexibility practiced within the company is so refreshing.

Liew Yew Foo
Front-end Developer

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