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We build custom system based on your need, from SCRATCH!


How can our solutions add value to your business?
  • The flexibility to think "Business First, and System Second". The system will be designed according to your business.
  • Search and view your data with a click, presented with charts and statistics
  • Manage employees with a fixed work flow controlled by system
  • See business performance through your mobile phone
  • Automate all kinds of calculations and repetitive works
  • Provide controlled external access to your data through internet
  • Ability to restore all your client information even when your office is on fire

Past Solutions

  1. Custom Banking Solutions
    We have done custom loan originating system, custom investment management system and repayment collection system for banks. We deal with complex calculations and accounting engines for huge customer base in these projects.
  2. QR Code Tracking System
    Partnering with Mobile App development partner, we built a back-end system to scan and track originality of products and location of production.
  3. Sales and Marketing System
    This company needs a platform to keep all their on-the-road sales agents updated with latest update, just to make sure the latest information is delivered to customer in the shortest time. System is accessible at even 4:00am. Can your sales support staff do that?
  4. Sales Commission System
    When you have huge sales team with multiple level of referrals for every single sales closed, you are likely to be sleepless on every payment date. Our system allows them go back early every day.
  5. Custom Hotel Reservation System
    This client is different from every other hotel operators, they have too many hotels to manage and target to meet. That's where we come in. Special Requirements.
  6. Student Management System
    Our client needs a system to control their entire student base across multiple centres around the world.
  7. Customer Relationship System (CRM)
    We work on a whole new CRM system for our client that find the current off-the-shelf CRM doesn't work for them. This client needs to ensure all sales people manage their prospects in best way.
  8. Custom Shopping Cart Engine
    Why does this client needs a custom shopping cart engine with so many open source shopping carts available? Simple. They outgrown it! We always enjoy learning about the frustration our clients have with existing system and the special requirements needed for their business, even for shopping cart engine.

Our Services

IT Support for Office
We provide premium desktop support for clients who require our support guys to be in their office for 1 day per week. They no longer need to hire inexperienced IT support staff.

Open-source Systems
We have helped our client to setup some open-sourced systems, such as e-commerce systems and blog, at the same time provide customisation services when it is required.

Web Hosting
We manage and provide customised web-hosting services by hosting our systems with dedicated servers.

Hardware Consultation
We recommended networking products, servers and desktop computers for our client's new office.